Online Local Proceedings

Full Papers: 
  • Christian Datzko and Susanne Datzko. Aspects of Designing a Successful Bebras Challenge (PDF)
Short Papers:
  • Daniela Bezáková, Andrea Hrušecká and Roman Hrušecký. Computing in Pre-primary Education with Coloured Paths (PDF)
Poster Papers:
  • Bernhard Standl and Nadine Schlomske-Bodenstein. Concept of a Web-based Application for Transforming Learning Patterns into Learning Packages (PDF)
  • Jean-Philippe Pellet and Gabriel Parriaux. Solving Bebras Tasks: Does the Order Matter? (PDF)
  • Dario Naepfer. Development and Testing of an Interactive Online Learning Environment with Focus on Algorithmic Tasks (PDF)
  • Katharina Brugger, Lukas Pagitz and Andreas Bollin. H5P in the Educational Context – Methodological Applicability in the Classroom (PDF)
  • Emanuele Scapin and Claudio Mirolo. Design and development of an instrument to investigate high-school students’ understanding of iteration (PDF)
  • Vaida Masiulionytė-Dagienė. Gamification for developing computational thinking in blended-learning environment: students’ motivation and assessment problems (PDF)
  • Simon Kluge and Kerstin Strecker. Inverted User Stories and Topic-Centered Classification as ideas for embedding ethics into computer science education (PDF)
Workshop Papers:
  • Michal Armoni, Judith Gal-Ezer, Michal Haskel-Ittah, Rami Marelly and Smadar Szekely. Computational Problem Solving with Plethora (PDF)